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Load image into Gallery viewer, Tricep Rope Pulldown
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tricep Rope Pulldown

Tricep Rope Pulldown

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Lenght : 71 cm

  • Tricep pulldown rope attachment, diameter 2.8cm ,weight 0.77 lb
  • Constructed with heavy-duty nylon braided made, durable for daily press down exercise
  • Great Grip - Plastic rubber ends provide an easy grip, keep your hand from slipping off
  • This exercise rope is sturdy and flexible for press-downs, cable machine attachment, weider weight machine, lat machine, ab machine, curls, and more gym system
  • Universal with any caple attachments machines for fitness workout muscles exercises

A tricep rope attachment is a piece of fitness equipment used for strength training exercises that target the triceps muscles in the upper arm. It consists of a short rope or cable with two handles attached to the ends. The rope is typically made of nylon or other durable material and is designed to be attached to a weightlifting machine or a cable pulley system.

To use the tricep rope attachment, the user grasps the handles with an overhand grip and pulls the rope downward while keeping the elbows close to the body. This movement targets the triceps muscles, which are responsible for extending the arm at the elbow joint. Tricep rope attachments are commonly used in exercises such as tricep pushdowns, overhead tricep extensions, and cable tricep kickbacks.