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Load image into Gallery viewer, Power Rack + Pulley
Load image into Gallery viewer, Power Rack + Pulley

Power Rack + Pulley

Vendor Fitness For Life FFL
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Package includes:
  • 2 squat hooks
  • 2 safety bars
  • Pulley System 
  • Free Bonus: 2 dip bars, and 2 pulley bar attachments 

Cage is rated up to 750lbs and 300lbs on the pulley

A power squat cage with pulley is a piece of fitness equipment that combines a squat rack with a cable pulley system. The cage typically consists of a sturdy metal frame with 4 vertical posts that have adjustable safety catches to hold the weight bar in place during exercises such as squats, bench press, and shoulder press. The pulley system,  mounted on top of the cage, allows for a variety of exercises such as lat pulldowns, cable rows bicep curls and more

The "2.5 x 2.5"  refers to the dimensions of the vertical posts, which are 2 inches by 2 inches square and a 14 gauge metal. This size provides a stable and secure base for the cage to hold heavy weights.

The pulley system on the cage  includes a high and low pulley, with attachments such as a 2 straight bars  to perform a variety of exercises. The pulley system adds versatility to the cage and allows for a wide range of exercises, including those that target the upper body and core muscles.

Overall, a power squat cage with pulley is a versatile piece of equipment that allows for a wide range of exercises to be performed in a compact space. It is a popular choice for home gyms and commercial fitness facilities.