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Load image into Gallery viewer, All-in-One Functional Trainer FFL-DZ007A
Load image into Gallery viewer, All-in-One Functional Trainer FFL-DZ007A

All-in-One Functional Trainer FFL-DZ007A

Vendor Fitness For Life FFL
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All-in-One Functional Smith Trainer is a versatile fitness equipment that combines the functionalities of a Smith machine with elements of functional training. A Smith machine is a piece of gym equipment that consists of a barbell attached to a guided track, allowing for controlled and stable weightlifting movements. Functional training focuses on exercises that mimic real-life movements and improve overall strength, balance, and coordination.


  1. Smith Machine Barbell: The central component is a smith machine barbell, which is attached to a vertical track. This would allow for various traditional weightlifting exercises such as squats, bench presses, and shoulder presses.

  2. Guided Track: The guided track of the Smith machine ensures that the barbell moves in a fixed vertical plane, providing stability during exercises and reducing the need for a spotter.

  3. Functional Attachments: the trainer comes with various attachments that can be added or adjusted, allowing for a range of functional exercises. Some attachments might include:

    • Cable System: Attach a cable system to the trainer, allowing for exercises like cable crossovers, rows, and curls.

    • Suspension Trainer Anchor: Incorporate an anchor point for suspension trainers, enabling exercises like TRX rows, squats, and push-ups.

    • Resistance Bands Hooks: Integrate hooks for attaching resistance bands, expanding the variety of resistance levels and exercises.

    • Pull-Up Bar: Include a sturdy pull-up bar for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, and hanging leg raises.

  • Storage and Weight Rack: Include storage space for weight plates, and other equipment, maintaining a clutter-free workout area.
  • Safety Features:
  •   safety mechanisms such as locking pins, quick-release catches, and emergency stops to ensure user safety during intense workouts.


Product Dimensions:

80" L x 70" W x 88" H