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Load image into Gallery viewer, Adjustable Plyo Box

Adjustable Plyo Box

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An adjustable plyo box, also known as a plyometric box or jump box, is a piece of fitness equipment used for plyometric exercises. Plyometric exercises involve explosive movements that are designed to improve power and speed.

An adjustable ply box allows users to vary the height of the box, which can be useful for people of different fitness levels or for different exercises. For example, a lower height might be used for box jumps or step-ups, while a higher height might be used for depth jumps or other advanced exercises.

The plyoboxe is made from metal with non-slip surface to prevent slipping and ensure safety during use.

When using an adjustable ply box, it is important to start with a lower height and gradually work up to higher heights as strength and skill improve. Proper form is also important to prevent injury and get the most benefit from the exercise.